Some Things to Ponder!

Everything changes; nothing stays the same. Boy is that so true today as we are experiencing rapid change in the information technology space. I recognize that it is perhaps not the wisest thing to do to ponder on earlier technological advances, but I can’t help believing that it can put some of what’s happening today into better perspective. So try this on for some comparison points.

When I started college, I was thrilled to secure an HP calculator that did basic math functions.  I think I paid $115 for the device and thought I was something special to have it. It served me well for those unbearable Calculus classes but provided no relief in Western Civilization, Freshman Composition, or Marching Band. All of that knowledge and research came from books weighing twenty pounds each and endless hours in the gargantuan on-campus library. Yes, I even had the privilege of using encyclopedias!  Real ones! No really! 

It all seems so 1970’s right? There was no such thing as a personal computer, a mobile phone, or the internet. You actually had to physically move about to gather the sources of the information you needed to prepare a research paper, meet to complete a group project, and yes, turn in your card deck to the computer center so you could complete a simple Cobol calculation. Aah, the “Good ‘Ol Days!”  Not hardly.

You see, for most of us it seems like a long time ago when these “antiquated” behaviors were common place.  For many, it’s just stories they’ve heard about from their parents and grandparents. But you know, it really wasn’t that long ago, just a short 35 years. It really does seem like yesterday!

But in those short 35 years we have replaced the HP calculator with mobile devices containing the computing power to not only perform the required calculus operations but look up world historical facts in seconds and provide significant computer programming abilities at our fingertips!  We replaced 8-track tape with cassettes, then CDs, and finally Itunes! Personal computers really did become ‘personal’, and the internet basically wiped out the World Book Encyclopedia! So what’s next?

I will continue this later. In the meantime consider, the rate of change you have and are experiencing with information technology devices and tools as we will discuss what’s up with all of that in coming posts.


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