And You Thought a Cell Phone Was for……

In keeping with the topic we left earlier, have you given some thought to the question of rapid information technology change in your own life and surroundings? From my vantage point, I believe none of us are exempt from this phenomenon regardless of our level of current technological skills or our desire to ignore the whole thing!  Simply put, every aspect of daily life has been permeated with technology, and it will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.  Let me give you an example.

Let’s start with the mobile phone. It wasn’t that long ago that some of us remember utilizing a “party” line to make a phone call from our home to anyone we wanted to talk with. Okay, it was a few years ago, but the concept of having to share a physical phone line with others has been off of the communications landscape for some time now. As a matter of fact, many folks no longer even have “land” lines for their home communications, because their cell phone provides all the access they need.  In addition, this “single” phone number approach simplifies life enormously by eliminating multiple accounts at different providers requiring multiple payments on different dates and on and on! Not to mention, some of us have trouble remembering one ten digit number, much less two!

That same device we use for all of our voice communications also provides us internet access, instant messaging, emailing, a camera for taking quality photos, contact management, social networking, and lots of other things.  It can also be synced to secure “cloud” based storage locations to provide access to basically any type of information we might ever need such as business documents, stored photos, digitized personal records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance information, and that list goes on and on also! Fairly amazing stuff ….and you thought a cell phone was just  for talking on!

This convergence of information is exponentially accelerating because of the availability and affordability of broadband services. Not only is it available for your cell phone, but nearly every home that wants internet access can obtain it and in most cases it is reliable and affordable. This development enables continued voice communications capability through voice-over-internet-protocols thereby changing the entire landscape of long-distance calling not to mention video conferencing. Yes, even an individual can participate in video conferencing from the comfort of their own home without too much trouble!

We will discuss these topics further in upcoming posts.


2 Responses to “And You Thought a Cell Phone Was for……”

  1. Mike,

    You are right about the explosion of information which will only continue to accelerate. The challenge we all face is managing the knowlege flow and making it usable for knowledge workers/staff in a productive way.


  2. Ashley Higgins Says:

    That is definitely the challenge for all of us! Technology is changing every day and it seems like every month or so new phones/computers, etc. are being released into society and only a small portion of us truly understand the capabilites of these incredible little devices! Whether it is the lack of time that is holding many of us back, or simply the lack of desire, the fact of the matter is, if we would take the time learn now, much time and effort can be saved later!

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