Bad Reality Show?

Is it live or… Is it Memorex? Many of you will remember those Memorex advertisements challenging people to determine if the music they were listening to was live or a recording on a Memorex cassette tape. And for the time, 1971 or so, it was a very good quality recording!  It was so good in fact that you actually did have a difficult time separating live sounds from recorded sounds.

Fast forward to today(no pun intended)! We have replaced Memorex tape with digital systems such as mp3 players and the Ipod, and the ability to distinguish between live music and a recording has become that much more difficult to discern. And in this area of technological advance, most music aficionados say thanks and wow! But for many others of us, not only has this advance in sound quality fallen on deaf ears, but so much of the technology available to us today has been lost or viewed as if it only exist in a bad reality show! 

You see, reality shows actually have very little  to do with reality. What they have to do with is entertainment, fantasy and illusion. Many folks view technology in that same perspective; as entertainment, fantasy and illusion.  What could be further from the truth or reality of our lives today! Just a few quick examples. When was the last time you stopped in at the local gas station and purchased a roadmap so you could make sure you reached your destination? Maybe you use Mapquest or some similar service on the internet to retrieve driving directions. You then print out the directions and use them while you are driving. Or maybe you have a GPS such as a Garmin or Magellan. Or maybe you even have an app on your phone that serves as a GPS.  Now that’s reality!  Or maybe you still use the paper yellow pages or call 411 to find a phone number!  Nearly all numbers can be found rapidly on the internet using a cadre of different services.  Many of them will provide not only the number but lots of information as well.  And if you are willing to drop a few bucks, you can find out more than you ever wanted to know about someone. Yep, more reality!

So you see, if you view rapid technology change as a bad reality show you might be losing your own grip on reality! Let me encourage you to consider creating some reality of your own by jumping into this new world of technology and its many fascinating benefits.

By the way, here’s one of those Memorex ads for your viewing.


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