Hurry Up! …and Wait!

Ironically, nothing ever happens fast enough for most of us. Take for example, the Verizon Iphone. Many folks have waited for what seems like a decade for this device to come to market even though it has only been a mere four years or so! Even now, with the much anticipated event happening in less than 30 days, many can hardly stand the delay!  Personally, I believe the wait will have  been worth it based on accumulated experience with Verizon and its network. Even with this much ballyhooed release though, there are those who still say you might want to wait even longer to see what the summer may bring in the way of an Iphone 5. Frankly, I believe the old saying of “He who hesitates is lost!” fits this situation rather appropriately and here is why!

First, Apple hasn’t shown any commitment to releasing a Iphone anytime soon that will take advantage of Verizon’s new LTE Network. Even if they did, a vast majority of the American landscape won’t have Verizon LTE service until late 2011 or early 2012. Second, this thing about talking and surfing at the same time on an Iphone is also way overblown.  Simply put, it doesn’t happen a lot and we all know that since most people tend to use their phones when they are driving anyway, it should be relatively seldom that someone is driving, talking and surfing at the same time! And finally, why give up the experience, productivity, and learning curve that can be enjoyed for the next six to eight months while waiting on what at this point is pure speculation!

So I say, Hurry Up and Do It Now!


2 Responses to “Hurry Up! …and Wait!”

  1. Agreed. You could wait forever on a newer device. And the iPhone 4 is so good, the next one won’t be that much better. And i have a suspicion Apple will first release the iPhone 5 on AT&T first. Get it now! (well, February 10th when it is released)

  2. You are absolutely correct. The other side of this issue is the consumer that does not jump on every new technology. There are those that wait for significant jumps in technology and often “leap frog” smaller incremental advances. If you are a Verizon customer and want to experience the iPhone, then by all means, why wait? If you already have a smartphone and would not greatly benefit from a Verizon iPhone, then why not wait to see what advances the next generation of iPhone brings? It all depends on your personal situation and the benefit you will receive.

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