Technology Does Expire Doesn’t It?

Technology isn’t what it used to be! Well excuse me, but duh! So why is it that so many organizations continue to utilize antiquated and obsolete computing resources? Time and time again I observe organizations clinging to their oldest computers and software in the belief that it is saving them money! Nothing could be further from the truth as this line of thinking strangles productivity and efficiency and stymies those team members willing to grasp the newer technologies. In many cases, younger team members are coming to jobs where the computing technology in use is inferior to their own personal devices such as their personal laptop and mobile devices such as a smartphone and a tablet. (please note the “mobile” nature of the personal devices!) So what does an organization do?

First, the organization must decide that information technology is a strategic investment and refuse to continue to look at it as an expense. By committing to update both computing hardware and software on a regular basis the organization secures faster computing equipment with more feature-rich software, period. This easily results in more productivity by all team members. In addition, investing in the time to provide proper training on the optimum use of the software and then productivity gains are virtually assured!

Second, consider making as many computing resources as possible mobile in nature.  In other words, embrace the use of laptops, smartphones and tablets! This mobility encourages team members to invest in their own computing skills development and provides much more connectivity throughout the organization as a whole. While data security and privacy are a concern, in nearly every circumstance the added mobility provided with this approach far outweighs the security and privacy challenges. Needless to say, Wi-Fi and internet resources are basically ubiquitous now and provide constant connectivity!

Finally, leadership in an organization should be willing to become advocates for technological advance. This advocacy does not mean providing just budget and lip service to technology resources, but leadership should be major adopters and users of the technology!  Simply put, leading by example in this area will pay huge organizational dividends.


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