Six Clues Your Technology May Be Falling Way Behind!

Technology Has Changed While You Read This!  Wow! So how are folks supposed to keep up with this constantly changing barrage of new technology thrust upon us every day? Basically the task at hand is to not necessarily be on the “bleeding edge” of technological change but to avoid being on the “fleeting edge”! Simply put, don’t fall way behind by thinking that a technology never expires!  It does and it must be replaced with newer,better performing technology on a regular basis along with the improved processes to optimize the use of those new technologies. Don’t fool yourself, you cannot keep nor use technology much more than two to three years and continue to call yourself current, efficient, and productive. So here are a few things you might consider to determine just how current you are on the technological curve!

  1.  XP Lives!  Please convince me that your eight track tapes are no longer in use!
  2. “Just the FAX please!” Just like the old show “Dragnet”, it’s fairly black and white that much more efficient ways of sharing data exist.
  3. Blue Files, Red Files, Lots of Files  Paperless means paperless! Receiving, storing and retrieving virtually every type of information in a digital form should be routine by now.
  4. “Let Me Check My Email.”  Utilization of social media and other digital forms of communications are drastically reducing email traffic if you find yourself smothered by email.
  5. Cell Phone What’s the opposite of “smart” phone?
  6. Tablet  No longer “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” but “oh what a plethora of information there is!”

So, are you current or have you fallen behind?


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