The Anticipation is Over!

Ok, so the wait for the Verizon Iphone is over! The device is already in the hands of many loyal Verizon customers who waited these long four years, including me. And simply put, the wait has been worth every minute of it. Here are some thoughts about the Verizon Iphone.

The phone is small, comfortable in the hand and carries a brilliant screen. It is easy to activate and easy to setup for basic operations. Utilizing various Iphone apps is straightforward and actually entertaining. And perhaps most satisfying of all is that phone conversations are clear and almost always are completed by the participants! Can you hear me now! Ya betcha!

Finally, all technology devices are valuable to the owner only to the extent they understand how to leverage it for efficient and productive use. Many time folks learn baseline opertions of their device and never truly experience the full benefits available to them. The Iphone’s baseline operations give the user a head start on other users around them when it comes to rapid response to emails, text messages, blogs, etc. along with many others. But if the user will take the time to formulate how the Iphone can truly assist them in the delivery of their business solutions they will find themselves vastly more productive and efficient than on most smartphones.


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